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Live Webcast Platform Demo Page

This is how your live webcast appears on the platform. If you are able to view the video on this page, you would have tested your system and network for live streaming playback.

Checklist for Watching Webcast

  • Do use a browser that is HTML5-compatible (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Do try and connect with a LAN line (it's more stable than WIFI)
  • Viewers will need at least 1.8mbps to watch the webcast in 480p and 2.5mbps to watch in 720p; e.g.
    If 10 people are watching it from the office network, do ensure that there is adequate office network speed,
    or to get around it, some businesses would gather their staff in a conference room for congregated viewing
  • Do use the same laptop for testing, that's intended for use on the actual day
  • If it doesn't work with the office network, try bypassing the office Lan and using a 4G connection, to determine if it's a network port issue
  • Also, please do a speed test to see if it's a network speed issue: (
  • When watching the webcast on a desktop, viewers will be able to select the resolution at the bottom right corner of the player.
    (The player auto-detects the recommended resolution according to the bandwidth available)